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  • "From our first meeting, we felt that Johnson’s understood our design needs and developed a plan that exceeded our expectations but not our budget. We have continued to work with Jamie and the entire team over the years to seamlessly build on this first project. From start to finish, Johnson’s is the best."

    Andrea and Kevin – Northwest, Washington, DC

  • “We’re really happy with our patio and the landscaping! Together with Ryan’s expertise, we were able to create the perfect outdoor space for years to come. We were impressed by the crew and the quality of construction and very happy with the end result. Thank you!”

    Tom & Michelle – Olney, Maryland

  • "From design through construction to wrap-up for our patio/deck/lighting/landscaping project, Johnson’s Landscaping Service was top-notch at every turn. We can't say enough about these guys and what they did in transforming our back yard, on time and on budget."

    Mary Beth & Chris, Silver Spring, Maryland

  • "Excellent job, excellent workmanship. The job was neat, thorough and professional. They completed the job on time and it looked better than expected. Price slightly higher than other estimates, but their design/build aspect was key.  One person contact from start to finish."

    Lee & Mia, Potomac, Maryland

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A plant that causes many problems in our landscapes and with our neighbors is bamboo. This grass grows in two forms clump and spreading.
The spreading bamboo is the most troublesome because of its new shoots that pop up in our lawn or planting beds. It is a common misconception that these new shoots come from seeds. The new shoots that you see are actually sprouting from the rhizome roots.
If you are interested in installing bamboo, there is a way to contain it. The ideal way to install bamboo is to install a 60 mil thick, 24" deep plastic bamboo barrier with 2" exposed above the soil that completely surrounds your intended planting area. This will ensure that the roots do not spread beyond the desired area. This barrier must be maintained be cutting roots that try to jump over the exposed barrier.
If you already have out of control bamboo you can use several methods to keep the bamboo in check. One possible control is to cut the exposed roots that are moving away from the existing bamboo. Once a root is cut it will not grow beyond that point but will branch out behind the cut, so you must be diligent in cutting the roots. You can also control new shoots that are just sprouting by stepping on or kicking over the shoot while it is still tender. If the new shoots are over 3 feet tall, you can treat with Round up to burn the stalk back.
If you can no longer stand the bamboo, you can eradicate it. This is very difficult because of its aggressive nature. Cutting all of the bamboo down will only provide temporary relief. The stalks and roots must be completely removed manually or with machinery. It is impossible to remove every root initially; you must continue over several months to watch for and remove roots and new shoots. Additionally, you cannot kill the bamboo by only treating it with herbicides, as they are not yet a proven method of treating bamboo.
Johnson's Landscaping is ready and able to install, control, or remove any bamboo for you. Please contact us if we can assist you with your bamboo needs.
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who-we-areJohnson’s Landscaping Service is a family owned and operated full service landscaping company serving residential and commercial clients of Northwest DC and Montgomery County for 50 years.


What-We-DoWe provide a range of landscape services to include stone work, water features, carpentry, lighting and planting. Our professional landscape designers plan wall, patios, plantings, ponds, walkways, arbors, trellises, and exterior lighting.


How-We-Do-ItWe have a 5 step process to complete your project.

Step 1:“Getting Acquainted”
Step 2:“Meet Your Landscape Designer”
Step 3:“The Proposal”
Step 4:“The Landscape Design and Contract”
Step 5:“Project Implementation”

Click here to see more of our 5 Step Process.

See one of our designs as seen in the Washington Post. (click here)


How-Our-Clients-Gain-ValueOur clients enjoy the service we provide from the initial stages of the project all the way through completion. They like having a professionally trained landscape team as a partner in their endeavor to create their dream outdoor living environment. In addition, they gain comfort in knowing that the Johnson’s family has been providing this quality service for over 50 years.

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