Since 1960

Johnson’s Landscaping has had the pleasure of providing excellent landscaping service to customers for over 50 years. We take careful consideration to our clients’ needs and wants for their dream landscape design. Check out what our customers in Ashton, Maryland had to say about their new walkway designed by Johnson’s Landscaping.

“The walkway exceeded expectations. We have received many compliments from neighbors and friends.” Ashton, Maryland

Johnson’s Landscaping puts a large emphasis on the quality of design we provide to our customers, and our customer in Ashton, Maryland is no different! Designing a beautiful walkway for their home was our top priority, and we are pleased with the customers’ response.

Johnson’s Landscaping provides a range of landscape services to include stone work, water features, carpentry, lighting, landscape design, installation and planting. Our professional landscape designers plan and install wall, patios, plantings, ponds, walkways, arbors, trellises, and exterior lighting.